OFFICIAL RESULTS and Race Director’s Report : 2014 SN280

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SOUTH to NORTH 280K Ultramarathon Philippines

Santander to Daanbantayan, Cebu

1:00 AM 11 July – 9:00 AM 13 July 2014


A few years back when ultramarathon was still in its infancy in the country, a question was posted asking what the distance was from the southern tip of Cebu to its northernmost part. I was unbelieving at the query but I remember thanking the person for what I thought was a pretty neat idea.


The notion of holding the race didn’t prosper until June 2013 when that question was partly answered. I conducted what was to be the longest single stage road ultramarathon in the Philippines, the SN250( Twenty men and women took on the challenge and after the smoke cleared, seven participants made the cut officially and five others went over the limit of forty eight hours but still made it nonetheless( As a token of my appreciation of their efforts, they received the finisher’s loot with their names and accomplishments forever enshrined in the annals of Philippine ultramarathon history.


I never entertained the thought of holding a second edition in 2014 until I started receiving queries which appeared more like requests from the year’s previous participants. The difficulties of organizing a race of this distance and the absence of ample outside support(prospective sponsors frown at the “unpopularity” of such trailblazing event) which I could cascade onto to the participants kept me from saying yes, initially that is. Nevertheless, the idea of extending the distance all the way to Maya-Malapascua Ferry Terminal in Daanbantayan from the previous endpoint in Bogo City started to tickle my senses no end. I told the guys to gather at least five confirmed participants and if they were able to, I’d give it a go and conduct the baton once again.   Sixteen eventually signed but for personal and health reasons, two backed out just a couple of days before the race and fourteen actually started the race. P1030505(from left) Kit Quiseo, Romil Garces, Rodney Cabahug, Yim Heng Fatt, Benedict Meneses, Lope Noay, Katherine Villaflor, Cilu Joel Ouano, Roger Villareal, Edwin Colina, Brian Guillen, Rex Gonzales,  Tony Galon,  Joel Cuyos


The race started at around 1:00 AM and from there, the runners took it all the way to the first cutoff point in Toledo City which was about 144 kilometers from Santander and for which they had to survive in twenty seven hours or less. As the day broke, I started recording their positions and distances covered. The first 50 kilometers traced the beautiful coastline views and old towns of  Cebu’s western coast. The allure of the place was never lost in me even as I was seeing everything for the second time. P1030507                                                                                                                        Romil Garces and Katherine Villaflor   P1030509                                                                                                                                  Benedict Meneses   P1030510                                                                                                                                           Tony Galon   P1030511                                                                                                                      Cilu Joel Ouano and Lope Noay   P1030514                                                                                                                                          Kit Quiseo   P1030515                                                                                                                                       Edwin Colina   P1030518                                                                                           Rex Gonzales, Joel Cuyos and Rodney Cabahug   P1030520                                                                                                                                       Brian Guillen   P1030521                                                                                 Frequent frontRUNNER event attendee, Malaysian Yim Heng FattP1030533 Above are the times recorded and distance covered during the first unannounced route check which I personally conducted. Below are some pictures taken during the runners’ arrival at the first cutoff point in Toledo City.

Noteworthy is the help extended by the volunteers led by my good friend and perennial event supporter, Lulu Valiente and her friends. This stop was undoubtedly a welcome respite from a long, sunny and hot day on the road. P1030522   P1030524 P1030525   P1030526 P1030536 P1030537 P1030538 P1030540 P1030541 P1030542   P1030548 Reflected above are the recorded times of arrival and departure of the runners at the Toledo City station. Most slept and rested for two hours before resuming their second day of running. Everyone was in high spirits and their crew composed of loved ones and friends kept them comfort and company for the long haul to the finish. P1030551   P1030552   P1030554 P1030553 P1030555 P1030556 P1030557   P1030558 P1030559 P1030560   P1030563   P1030564 I reached the endpoint in Maya Malapascua Terminal Ferry, the jump-off point to the famed diving island of Malapascua after driving for about 7 hours and extending encouragement and refreshments to the remaining twelve survivors along the way.


For my record purposes, I used a Garmin Etrex 20 as my measurement tool. I have used the same for about three years now and it has been especially reliable and helpful under any weather and even in the mountainous area of the Cordillera where I conduct my King Of The Mountain Trail Run series. It has yet to fail me. P1030565 After making my courtesy call to the Barangay Chairman and setting up the finish line near the edge of the port, I waited for the finishers to come in one by one. This was my third 200-kilometer plus event, the longest to date, and this was to be no different as far as waiting time was concerned.


Experience has  taught me that finishers will come in trickles and far in between given all the factors. The waiting time afforded me the chance to make arrangements for the post-race meal for which I chose a local delicacy, the humba, a pork dish with salted black beans, coupled with steamed rice.


At around 6:00 PM, it rained hard in the area and I was hoping the weather condition reached the runners for a much-needed relief(I later found out it was bone-dry all the way for them).  In between mosquito bites which I had to endure all night and countless cups of coffee, I reveled at the full moon which showed all its splendor even as its light revealed a calm, wave-less sea. All through the night, I received calls from crew and runners updating me of their whereabouts and asking me how far they were relative to the finish.



By 1:00 AM, Lulu called up to say she was on the way once again provide arroz caldo. To the grizzled ultrarunners, a warm meal at this point of any race is always a welcome delight. As the third day broke, one by one, the runners arrived triumphantly.


As a Race Director, there is no other feeling that compares to seeing a participant and his crew check in safely. I will not be ashamed to tell you that I am always restless in most races I conduct, ESPECIALLY of this distance. I am like a mother hen always on the lookout until the last chick is accounted for. It is one reason why I personally feel bad whenever I hear runners complain of the very mundane things without even considering the fact that race directors have EVERYONE and EVERYTHING to think of. Whining is such a selfish thing to do because you only think of your own personal welfare.

P1030568 P1030569 Pictured above are the times and distances reflected during the third route check up which I conducted personally during the second day. P1030567

  P1030579                                                                                              Champion, Police Officer 1 Brian Guillen (51:13:38)   P1030582 P1030584   P1030595 P1030597 P1030598           P1030601                                                                                                        First Runner-up, Rodney Cabahug (53:12:49)         P1030603 P1030610 P1030607 P1030608                                                                                                           Second Runner-up, Joel Cuyos (54:25:44) P1030612 P1030611                                                                                                           Fourth Finisher, EDWIN COLINA (54:59:40) P1030619                                                                                                        Distance and Finish time as reflected in Edwin’s watch   P1030613       P1030616                                                                                                                       Fifth Finisher, Lope Noay (55:02:24) P1030617                                                                                                                                   Lope’s Battle Plan

In no uncertain terms, let me state that it is my joy and happiness(and relief) to see my runners finish. As an ultrarunner myself, I am aware and feel what they have gone through.  Knowing only too well and seeing their efforts all the way melts my heart and I have nothing to show for my admiration of their efforts but my sincere handshake and embrace and of course, my simple tokens, a shirt and commemorative buckle.

It is because of this that I become flexible with the race rules and make the adjustments for the welfare of the runners.

I always have deep admiration for participants who, despite knowing that they will not finish within cutoff time, still forge on until they are done with the whole distance. The following are therefore duly recognized for their efforts.

P1030620\P1030621                                                                                                                    REX GONZALES (56:01:26)   P1030623

P1030624                                                                                                                     BENEDICT MENESES (56:08:18) P1030625                                                                                                                                     KIT QUISEO (66:31:35)


Once again, let me thank and congratulate all the participants and their support crews for making this event a reality. You are now part of Philippine ultramarathon history having conquered the longest single stage footrace in the country.


Let me also express my sincere gratitude to my friends who helped me out in many ways, Raffy Uytiepo, Lulu Valiente, Jenny Valiente, Lyra Valles and Josie Mejala.


I also wish to acknowledge the LGUs of Santander(Mayor Marilyn Wenceslao), Toledo City(Mayor John Henry Osmeña and Tourism Head Riza Rafols), Daanbantayan(Mayor Augusto Corro) and Barangay Maya(Chairman Elver Abucay) for allowing me the use of their facilities.



In closing, did you know that the circumference of Cebu Province based on the race route, from where I started and ended and on my measuring device is pegged at around 550 kilometers?

As a race organizer who pioneered ultramarathons in Cebu many years back, I have practically covered all of the island by road, be it East-West/crosswise(Coast to Coast) or South-North/lengthwise(SN280, SN250), North-South(Cebu Century Challenge via Bogo City to Cebu City)-and through its most difficult routes via Transcentral Highway and Emee(Hardcore Hundred Miles-Cebu). Just so you know.


As it appears, there seems only one thing left undone.


Daghang Salamat!

OFFICIAL RESULTS and Race Director’s Report: 2014 Soleus Valley Trail Challenge

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2014 Soleus Valley Trail Challenge

Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

3:00 AM – 1:00 PM June 29, 2014



With the challenge now on it’s fourth year, I decided to take in a partner and in my personal assessment, Soleus was a worthy ally in carrying out this growing trail event held annually in the grounds of the sprawling Nuvali. Soleus, led by it’s dynamic Brand Manager Ms. Judith Staples(and of course, with the approval of the big boss Emerson Yao) and which has created a niche in the local running community, did not fail me. From the start, the Soleus team was wholly behind frontRUNNER in ensuring the success of VTC. The attendance of Soleus Global’s Sales Director, Josh Arnold, made it complete.

True enough, with Soleus’ support and able machinery, the event was able to reach the 1,000 mark in no time at all and almost effortlessly. Attendance was up from our previous numbers of 150, 300 and 600 runners in the past three years. The previous editions were, by my own decision, design and choice, low-key events in keeping up with the no frills theme. We overshot the participation in each category with more than 300 participants in the 15K, 400 in the 30K and 300 in the 50K events. At the media launch, I was egged on by friends to push the limit to 1,500 but I decided to stand pat on the set limit if only to gauge first the ability of the venue to hold such number of entries. It did not really come as  surprise for me to see the registration fly by fast as I have noticed that even in my King Of The Mountain Trail Run Series( and in Kayapa, attendance has been growing as well. I could safely say that trail running has indeed arrived in the consciousness of the local running community.

Even though I have been doing this previously, I will be the first to admit that helping hands always come in handy. A trail run of this magnitude certainly doesn’t grow overnight.

Let me take this opportunity then to thank our major sponsor Soleus and venue partner Nuvali,  and generous patrons such as Universal Robina Corporation(which handed out individual loot bags filled with assorted company goodies and stocked up all the aid stations with snacks), Gatorade(available in all aid stations), L Time Studio, Laguna Water, Adidas Body Care, MILO, Lily’s Peanut Butter, Azucar, BSI Medicated Spray, Maxpedition Bags, Evo Eau(distributors of portable water filter systems), Reebok, Metrofield(shirt providers), Fitbar, Insights Tees, 100 Miles Cafe, StatMed Medical Team, Business Mirror and Speed Magazine.

I am also humbled by the selflessness of the following volunteers and friends who came forward even without a call from me to give their precious time and effort in making life easier for everyone; Lester Jerome Chuayap(Logistics Manager), Isko Lapira(Team 50k Head Terminator), Marvin Maquirang and Arnold Banaay(Team 50K, AS 4 Supervisors), CJ Paran and Joel Sison(Team 30K, AS 1 Supervisors), Arwin Sta. Clara and Edmund Cura(Team 15K), Juvy Pagtalunan and Alex Jones (AS 2 Supervisors), Carmeli Ortega (AS 3 Supervisor), Attorney James Roldan, Val and Gerry(for providing the transportation of our volunteers and supplies to the different areas), Elmer Caballes(for providing the markers), Epoy Poblete(50K Sweeper and marksman), Robert Watson and Nick Pasiken(both veteran KOTM marksmen who helped mark the whole VTC course with me). Guys, thank you very much for helping out in more ways than one. My snappy salute to you all!

I also wish to extend my gratitude to the various photographers, led by the group Running Photographers (, who took pictures of the runners in various places. You certainly brought out the best smiles(and poses) in each of the runners no matter how tired they were. Thank you for keeping memories that will last forever. Good job, folks!

The biggest shoutout goes to all the participants, trail newbies and oldies, local and foreign, who did not mind getting down and dirty. I hope that you enjoyed the whole experience and carry on the new lessons learned along the way. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity of trail-devirginizing you!

The Race Director’s job may be a thankless one at times, so it really warms my heart no end to receive congratulatory messages from people I don’t know(and know). Thank you for your kind words, I shall continue on doing the best I can with my team. As I always say, someone has to do the dirty job, I am up to the task.

All three distances started on time and in contrast to last year’s water-inundated event(no thanks to Typhoon Signal Number 2 Gorio), this edition was bone-dry and scorching hot all the way. The much-ballyhooed New Zealand area, as always, was many a subject of pictures and conversations after. It was fun to see runners exchanging stories at the end showing their cuts and bruises(badges of honor!), how deep their feet and shoes got stuck in mud, how they tripped and twisted their ankles, got lost along the way( I put up both my hands, I really have to accept that getting lost is A part of trail running no matter what efforts and innovations are put into marking the course).

In the end, inspite of some cases of heat exhaustion and DNFs, a vast majority still finished the race with the last two runners coming in at around 3:30 PM. I patiently waited for them just as they patiently survived the course and gave them their just dues, hard-earned medals and loots. I am in awe of fellow runners who thrive amidst all difficulties. That’s the attitude I want to see in all and that’s the true trail runner spirit!

I tried my best to keep things simple so whatever “innovations” such as race archs and running clocks, elevated stage, sponsor booths(the oldies know what I am talking about!), please accept the same as part of improving the event. Whether these will still be here next year or not, VTC 15 is going to happen yet again in the tradition of frontRUNNER’s No Frills, All Thrills theme. In the end, I think that I was able to send the message across, that trail running has a culture of its own, that we all must seek the simple joys of running the roads can’t give us, and that whining has NO place in the heart of a runner.

I wish you all will embrace the true spirit of trail running as I have.

Muli, maraming-maraming salamat po sa inyong pagtangkilik sa aming patakbo na ito. Lubos po akong nagpapasalamat sa inyong hardcore at wagas na suporta! 


(Beware: This could be the beginning of your trail addiction)


OverallResults_50k_final_rev2 (updated 05 July)

OverallResults_30k_final_rev2 (updated 05 July)

OverallResults_15K_final_rev1 (updated 04 July)




Due to a few number of runners who wore their race bibs wrongly and given the nature of the event where some race bibs were either crumpled, torn or in some instances, lost, the timing devices were not able to capture the results totally.

Therefore, for any clarifications, mispelled or missing names, please contact our time provider through or with the following information; Bib Number, approximate time that you crossed the finish line and any noticeable apparel that you wore during the event (such as color of your shirt, cap, long socks, etc).  We will check our cameras, promptly give you an official time and include you in the official results.




For race pictures, please click the following links;

OFFICIAL RESULTS: 2014 Ocho Ocho 220. The Dirty Dozen.

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2014 Ocho Ocho 220

5:00 AM June 13-5:00 AM June 15, 2014

Baguio City-La Union-Baguio City






First of all, let me congratulate the twelve pioneers who took the challenge of this event. I fondly call them, The Dirty Dozen and I only have the highest respects for the lady and eleven gentlemen ultrarunners.



No one in the country’s running history has done the dreaded route known in the cycling tour circles as “Ocho Ocho”, always dubbed as the killer lap of an annual premier summer cycling event, where the one who would come out on top eventually won as the champion at the event’s conclusion. 10390498_10201120695498006_342001033456604437_n It was not only the  sheer distance and elevation profile that posed as a challenge but also the weather conditions where driving rains pervaded for most of the duration of the activity and both the humidity in the lowlands and cold weather at the mountainous sections that affected them. This is not to mention the vehicular activity in the area and in some sections, the inevitable task of passing on gravel portions.


The route took the twelve from the Summer Capital to the lowlands of La Union via Marcos Highway then up the city through Naguilian Road for the first loop of about 119 kilometers which they had to do in twenty four hours or better. They had to pass through three mandatory time checkpoints in Agoo, Bauang and Baguio. That was for the first day alone. Nine made it within the cutoff but only eight decided to give the remaining century distance a go.




10366142_10152268216283978_3830897664119077158_n 10372546_10152268211873978_7818429084501584622_n 10373975_10152268220453978_7540800702780146907_n 10380960_10152268213748978_4875333918333732967_n 10441371_10152268211063978_8254678607007192079_n 10473401_10152268217653978_1121085616097254480_n


10440262_10152293443809442_3855334721733840643_n agoo by maelah mc The second loop, took the remaining survivors(most started in the dark by then) back to Marcos Highway to Agoo for another mandatory check-in and to historic Kennon Road for the last stretch to the City of Pines, all inside twenty fours or less. The second day was just like the first day in terms of weather and by this time, the remaining eight were clearly feeling the effects of lack of sleep, tiredness among many other things. 10462707_10152498342144837_6256597098139922657_n 10463012_10152498402254837_4398006492591506387_n 1477901_10152498624349837_195994109089056780_n When the smoke cleared, seven made it within the forty eight-hour limit. They made it to Philippine running history books by clearing two hundred twenty kilometers and change on foot alone.


The results only tell half the story, the rest is for the dirty dozen to tell themselves, my salute to you all!


I wish to thank the volunteers who unselfishly shared their time to help out in ways more than one; Nixon Pasiken, Tom and Gay Baniwas, Mark Villafuerte, James and Al Tellias, Brian Addams Guleng, Larry Estoesta, Joel Bengtay, Evelyn Oaing and Ms. Che Alberto.


I also extend my gratitude to the City of Baguio through the City Administrator, Attorney Carlos Canilao, for allowing us the use of the City Hall as staging area and to the Province of La Union through Governor Manuel Ortega.


Hereunder are the numbers of the game. The pictures above are courtesy of the volunteers, partipants and crew.


TIME SPLITS 1: The first landing at the flatlands of La Union. Pugo/Tubao Junction, Marcos Highway(Start of the “pancake” section), Km 34

  1. Wilnar Iglesia 2:27:44
  2. Marcelo Bautista 2:49:48
  3. Robert Watson 3:22:41
  4. Yim Heng Fatt 3:40:23
  5. Carlo Gonzalez 3:49:47
  6. Bryan Kho 3:58:47
  7. Michael Dauz 4:01:36
  8. 8. Benedict J Meneses 4:05:48
  9. Paolo Osmeña 4:10:26
  10. Kelly Lim 4:24:49
  11. Marlon Zarate 4:25:05
  12. Jonathan Moleta 4:47:48

TIME SPLITS 2: First mandatory check-in point. Agila ng Agoo, Marcos Highway/MacArthur Highway, Km 49

  1. Wilnar Iglesia 3:41:58
  2. Marcelo Bautista 4:55:58
  3. Robert Watson 4:58:55
  4. Yim Heng Fatt 5:35:52
  5. Carlo Gonzalez 5:53:36
  6. Michael Dauz 6:19:21
  7. Paolo Osmeña 6:21:30
  8. Bryan Kho 6:34:00
  9. Benedict J Meneses 6:36:53
  10. Kelly Lim 6:41:10
  11. Marlon Zarate 7:07:17
  12. Jonathan Moleta 7:17:25

TIME SPLITS 3: Second mandatory check-in point. Bauang, La Union, Km 72

  1. Wilnar Iglesia 6:06:40
  2. Robert Watson 8:52:47
  3. Marcelo Bautista 8:58:27
  4. Yim Heng Fatt 9:04:30
  5. Carlo Gonzalez 9:56:16
  6. Michael Dauz 10:21:12
  7. Paolo Osmeña 10:34:45
  8. Benedict J Meneses 10:36:35
  9. Jonathan Moleta 10:50:30
  10. Kelly Lim 10:55:14
  11. Marlon Zarate 11:26:31
  12. Bryan Kho 12:33:05

TIME SPLITS 4: Third mandatory check-in and first cutoff point. Baguio City Hall, Km 119/24:00:00 (Time In/Out)

  1. Wilnar Iglesia 13:30:00/13:35:00
  2. Robert Watson 18:30:06/21:18:06
  3. Yim Heng Fatt 18:55:49/20:50:00
  4. Benedict J Meneses 21:08:40/22:44:00
  5. Carlo Gonzalez 21:47:30/23:39:00
  6. Michael Dauz 21:47:30/23:12:20
  7. Marlon Zarate 22:20:30/22:20:31
  8. Kelly Lim 22:26:00/NA
  9. Jonathan Moleta 22:28:50/23:51:32

TIME SPLITS 5: Fourth mandatory check-in. Agoo Eagle Station, Km 168

  1. Wilnar Iglesia 24 hours, 52 minutes
  2. Yim Heng Fatt 29:45
  3. Robert Watson 30:47
  4. Benedict Meneses 33:25
  5. Michael Dauz 34:06
  6. Carlo Gonzalez 34:06
  7. Jonathan Moleta 34:12
  8. Marlon Zarate 35:24

FINAL RESULTS: Baguio City Hall, Km 220/48:00:00

  1. Wilnar Iglesia 43 hours, 02 minutes, 23 seconds
  2. Robert Watson 44:18:38
  3. Carlo Gonzalez 45:28:10
  4. Benedict Meneses 47:30:32
  5. Marlon Zarate 47:38:28
  6. Michael Dauz 47:47:05
  7. Jonathan Moleta 47:57:25













P.S. The Race Director is off to the much-needed extension of this. Thank you everyone for following the updates on facebook. Until the next double century. 10402584_10152503113239837_5017038269892786459_n

OFFICIAL RESULTS: 2014 Four Lakes 100/Old Spanish Trail 65

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(Apologies for inadvertently missing #44 on the FL100 tabulation, sleepless for 55 hours straight. Pitfalls of Cheap Timing™. Picture by Arwin Sta. Clara)



2014 Four Lakes 100/Old Spanish Trail 65

Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

4:00 AM May 24 – 10:00 AM May 25, 2014






10357123_1495328464014402_127398481761704504_n 10363385_1495328190681096_6771657497383635116_n 10407401_1495328677347714_4469222824065842415_n






983703_1488619731367586_4027615119506012345_n 10417683_10152474689464015_31077765824007679_n







1014008_10203199662945275_3670158188434881752_n 10268485_10203199659585191_3868197441046580261_n 10268485_10203199661665243_1302541478591123819_n 10348198_10203199658985176_611696225171132550_n 10356249_10203199658945175_9000633528648609074_n 10403081_10203199661265233_4225482991555498932_n 10405667_10203199660185206_1981810042098535989_n



10299523_300036516822336_6324966620998056988_n 10314711_10203141011319537_162535371865335515_n 10330443_10203141012679571_7969753352054269419_n



10155862_10152108049693199_1822245750787030394_n 10277753_10152401034967311_8932516000471952538_n

10338829_10202917736002843_7189815026148010467_n 10339776_10203141011799549_3468205884978768313_n 10345981_10203141011039530_2832242860342415605_n


10346118_10203141003159333_4237618821026011821_n 10350533_10203140969638495_3344694208364991362_n 10351158_10202189095628535_9159603835076451982_n 10363390_300051033487551_7267613921714381042_n




10380318_833597853336115_6348241117464401364_n 10383013_10202189096308552_4570182826191578672_n 10389706_10202189096468556_2347413621387082677_n 10408850_10152140875108861_4538986313673214012_n 10416970_591541440941232_6288676445085232183_n 10420303_10152116484737286_5556718525335105927_n andrew a cj m ja regalado





10308195_1488623591367200_6281942011419498820_n 10314735_1488624864700406_2425261676101332034_n 10378075_1488623351367224_5917038989057637335_n


(Event pictures courtesy of the participants, thank you!)


The Frenchman cometh and conquered.

This is the underground.

Although a pittance in terms of attendance compared to big-name trail events, FL100 and OST65 saw its biggest attendance in three years inspite of the absence of big-time corporate backing, marketing and information being passed around through word of mouth. Some were returning but most were first-timers. Well, I like it that way so that those who hear about it and eventually join are the ones who will truly prepare for the unknown. Having a small group will mean closer and more personal monitoring of each participant and like I mentioned, the goal of this series is to create a community of runners and friends who really enjoy the activity and not just join for the loot that comes with it.

The races started at 4:00 AM on May 24 and runners entered the trailhead via Talecabcab onto Bundao, the first aid station. Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Seven Up, C2 Green Tea, Milo, Magic Flakes Biscuits, Cloud 9 Chocolates, Great Taste Coffee, Nissin Cup Noodles, Red Dragon Energy Drink, Chippy,  Arroz caldo, boiled eggs, water, apples, oranges, watermelon, grapes, strawberries, peanut butter sandwiches, home-cooked Adobo with potatoes, steamed rice, boiled sweet potatoes and bananas were the items on the menu offered at the tables of the various stations.

The Bundao-Ansipsip-Domolpos trail stretch has been improved by the local government thus the path was widened and it made running possible with chances of injuries widely diminished.

Mount Ugo was the highest point of the event and from there, runners proceeded to Kayapa Proper East Market(KEPM, the lowest point), staffed by Trace Pineda and Wilfredo), via Old Spanish Trail, for the first of four hot meals. The current repair of a bridge, thereby greatly limiting our mobility, on the road leading to KEPM made me decide to forego the 9-hour cutoff at the said station at the same time cancel the first drop bag station. KEPM was the “must-eat-and-drink” station as explained during the briefing.

The Amelong-Labeng and Castillo Stations offered only water. Dayap(manned by volunteer Brian Addams Guleng) served as the first cutoff point and offered the most supplies as well. For 65k runners, this place was anti-climactic as they would only have to tackle a token challenge from here to the finish. A different story lay for the century runners as they have yet to tackle the Ambasa peak not once but twice on their way to the turnaround in Banao. All this under the dark and the chances of rains and fog always a possibility in the area. The good thing is that the trails to Banao were also improved. Gone are the days of slipping endlessly on muddy trails. Banao was headed by volunteer Rollie Dela Cruz – who made Chicken Arroz caldo - and backed by Teacher Leni as well as some other locals who have always been helpful in every event. All 55 who decided to push through from  here eventually made it to the finish officially.

From Banao and under darkness and cold, the remaining survivors made their way back to Dayap for a second time. From here, they climbed and passed the challenging and seemingly endless mossy forest only to exit into the wide expanse of Indupit and ran downhill towards the finish line via an 8-kilometer trail they were previously in the day before, Talecabcab.

Surviving cuts, scrapes and leech bites, a total of 103 entries out of 116 starters(127 registrants, 11 no-shows) made it to the finish line and went home with their souvenirs-a Finisher’s Medal and hand-carved Trophy. A Finisher’s Shirt was given even though it was NOT listed among the things due a finisher in the fineprint of the event details.  Chicken Ginger Stew(Tinolang Manok with Sayote) with piping-hot steamed rice, Chicken Arroz caldo and various other eats and beverages were served unlimited to the participants as they finished.

A trail race doesn’t grow overnight but through it all, the third edition came to pass once again successfully with help from the registration fees of the runners and through the generosity and support of Universal Robina Corporation and Mr. Ed Yonzon, Pepsi-Cola Philippines and Mr. Januarius Padilla, Soleus Philippines and Ms. Judith Staples, Mayor John Balasya of Kayapa, Mayor Victorio Palangdan of Itogon, Mr. Dennis Uy, Atty. James Roldan, Mr. Juan Alberto, Val and Jerry, Mr. Rollie Dela Cruz, Mr. Brian Addams Guleng, Ms. Trace Pineda, Ms. Myla Go, Ms. Juvy Pagtalunan, Ms. Maripaz Buban, Mr. CJ Paran, Marshals Wilfredo, Dindo, Celso, John, Dinggos and Bernardo. Your help is greatly appreciated by all led by yours truly, God bless you.

And yes, the new Four Lakes 100 Course Record was definitively set by the Frenchman, Monsieur Matthieu Rabiller, whose exploits early on I was able to personally witness, more on that some other time. The good weather, improved trail conditions and the superb performance of Rabiller all contributed to the new standard(the 2013 OST Women’s CR was also bettered by the defending champion, the flying Finn, Elina Makilammi). 

The high finish rate, I also believe, was due to the fact that trail converts have started to take trail running seriously.

As announced during the briefing too, I will come up shortly with the new time standards and new schedules(and perhaps new additions)for the 2015 KOTM series. It is my personal belief that we must continue to challenge ourselves in order to improve as trail runners and it will absolutely do us no good if we continue to linger inside our comfort zones. Enough of overly-generous time limits!

For whatever shortcomings we had as your organizing team, please accept my personal apologies. I hope you will continue to embrace the simplicity of our events and take a liking to Kayapa and its people the way I have done. Remember, it is the journey that counts.

Once again, thank you very much for your hardcore support of the homegrown trail running series that is the KING OF THE MOUNTAIN, the underground ultramarathon.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to present this year’s roster of finishers.



(Philippines, unless otherwise indicated)

Cutoff Time 18:00:00 Hours

48 Finishers/52 Starters = 92.3%


  1. Al Tellias, 9:07:04 Overall Champion
  2. Mark Villafuerte, 9:25:24 1st Runner-up
  3. Danilo Macairap, 10:25:40 2nd Runner-up
  4. Stephen Felices, 10:58:00
  5. Reto Raimann(Switzerland), 12:22:14
  6. Adonis Lloren, 12:33:12
  7. Elina Makilammi(Finland), 12:51:20 Women’s Champion/Course Record
  8. Christian Pabatao, 12:51:26
  9. Carlo Calpito, 13:33:10
  10. Gemar Ibao, 13:36:52
  11. Jeff Poblete, 13:44:13
  12. Arwin Sta. Clara, 14:30:12
  13. Glenn Anthony Magnayon, 14:55:10
  14. Lendl Reyes, 15:06:44
  15. Ed Yonzon, 15:12:55
  16. Adel Laking, 15:23:38 Women’s 1st Runner-up
  17. Bren Bulso 15:23:39
  18. Edrick Nicdao, 15:23:40
  19. Karlene Sebastian, 15:25:54 Women’s 2nd Runner-up
  20. CJ Escandor, 15:49:37
  21. Earn Tian Teo(Malaysia), 16:16:48
  22. Robert Quiazon, 16:16:48
  23. Han Bin Tan(Malaysia), 16:16:49
  24. Jazz Paringit 16:25:20
  25. Ador Sietereales, 16:35:26
  26. Fernando Balane, 16:35:30
  27. Rodell Mendoza, 16:35:32
  28. Paola Joyce Ronquillo, 17:00:00
  29. Nick Pasiken, 17:00:02
  30. Randy Miranda, 17:05:01
  31. Joyce Regalado, 17:11:30
  32. Wilson, 17:14:35
  33. Gerson Yuson, 17:14:56
  34. Kathleen Fresnido, 17:14:58
  35. George Ged-ang, Jr., 17:15:20
  36. Tess Leono, 17:17:08
  37. Manny Ocampo, 17:17:09
  38. I-Yin Chang(Malaysia), 17:23:38
  39. Ann Chua(Malaysia), 17:23:39
  40. Ricardo Mallari, 17:26:10
  41. Jorell Paringit, 17:35:00
  42. Roxanne Maquinto, 17:35:01
  43. Ro Anne Jervoso, 17:36:32
  44. Rowena Valencia, 18:46:42
  45. Danny Añonuevo, 19:13:24
  46. Jerome Ventura, 21:35:31
  47. Ceasar Aquino, 21:35:33
  48. Migo Limos, 21:35:35


2014 FOUR LAKES 100

(Philippines, unless otherwise indicated)

Cutoff Time 30:00:00 Hours

55 Finishers/64 Starters = 85.9%


TIME SPLITS  Aid Station 4, Km 35 KAYAPA PROPER EAST MARKET by Trace Pineda


  1. Marcelo, 3:53:17
  2. James, 3:53:18
  3. Matthieu, 4:31:10
  4. Jhonley, 4:48:22
  5. Rory, 4:48:43
  6. Raffy, 5:02:12
  7. Kenneth, 5:11:13
  8. Thumbie, 5:11:22
  9. Jon, 5:11:32
  10. Almelito, 5:20:16
  11. Robert, 5:26:12
  12. Romualdo, 5:30:21
  13. Xerxis, 5:38:54
  14. Edmund, 5:41:13
  15. Hiroyuki, 5:45:54
  16. Jonathan, 5:49:51
  17. Patrick, 5:50:25
  18. Ronnel, 5:51:09
  19. Erwhin, 5:57:05
  20. Earl, 5:58:50
  21. Ariel, 5:58:54
  22. Amos, 6:12:40
  23. Andrew, 6:12:45
  24. Marc, 6:12:55
  25. Budiman, 6:15:43
  26. Allan, 6:18:02
  27. Romulo, 6:19:16
  28. Terence, 6:22:47
  29. Benj, 6:32:49
  30. Bong, 6:32:52
  31. Kevin, 6:36:57
  32. Roy S., 6:37:23
  33. Soh, 6:43:12
  34. Siew, 6:43:49
  35. Swee, 6:44:12
  36. Frederick, 6:45:13
  37. Orland, 6:45:53
  38. Chito, 6:50:02
  39. Francis, 6:59:04
  40. Randy, 6:59:09
  41. Mac, 7:19:17
  42. Camilo, 7:19:17
  43. Louie, 7:19:17
  44. Melbourne, 7:19:17
  45. Elmer, 7:21:34
  46. Paolo, 7:35:20
  47. Tiffany, 7:35:40
  48. Chuan, 7:35:49
  49. Ernest, 7:35:51
  50. Juancho, 7:41
  51. Philip, 7:41
  52. Alvin, 7:45
  53. Reza, 7:50
  54. David, 7:51
  55. Myla, 7:52
  56. Wilnar, 7:53
  57. Roy O., 7:53
  58. Chinky, 7:53
  59. Michael, 7:55
  60. Jonathan, 8:09
  61. Jinkee, 8:12
  62. Harold, 8:12
  63. Jose Mari, 8:19
  64. Hoe, 8:24


TIME SPLITS Aid Station 7, Km 56 DAYAP PRIMARY SCHOOL Cutoff 16:00:00 Hours by Brian Adams Guleng


  1. Marcelo, 7 hours, 45 minutes
  2. Matthieu, 8:01
  3. James, 8:12 DNF
  4. Raffy, 9:35
  5. Jhonley, 9:50
  6. Rory, 9:51
  7. Jon, 10:11
  8. Thumbie, 10:17
  9. Kenneth, 10:21
  10. Robert, 10:35
  11. Romualdo, 11:11
  12. Xerxis, 11:27
  13. Hiroyuki, 11:28
  14. Jonathan, 11:37
  15. Earl, 11:39
  16. Almelito, 11:41
  17. Edmund, 11:50
  18. Romulo, 11:51
  19. Marc, 11:52
  20. Ariel, 12:14
  21. Andrew, 12:14
  22. Erwhin, 12:14
  23. Patrick, 12:18
  24. Amos, 12:29
  25. Terence, 12:30
  26. Roy S., 13:12
  27. Benj, 13:14
  28. Budiman, 13:14
  29. Allan, 13:14
  30. Ronnel, 13:18 DNF
  31. Frederick, 13:18
  32. Orland, 13:31
  33. Siew, 13:36
  34. Swee, 13:36
  35. Elmer, 13:41
  36. Francis, 13:42
  37. Randy, 13:42
  38. Chito, 13:46
  39. Soh, 13:47
  40. Alvin, 14:00
  41. 14:07
  42. Kevin, 14:09
  43. Melbourne, 14:12
  44. Camilo, 14:14
  45. Louie, 14:14
  46. Paolo, 14:15
  47. Tiffany, 14:16
  48. Philip, 14:17
  49. Juancho, 14:17
  50. 14:17
  51. Bong, 14:18
  52. Mac, 14:23
  53. Chuan, 14:46 DNF
  54. Ernest, 14:46 DNF
  55. Michael, 14:48
  56. Roy O., 15:01
  57. Wilnar 15:01
  58. Myla, 15:01
  59. David, 15:02
  60. Jinkee, 15:14
  61. Harold, 15:14
  62. Jonathan, 15:45
  63. Hoe, 15:48 DNF
  64. Jose Mari, 15:59





TIME SPLITS  Aid Station 8, Km 69 BANAO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL by Rollie Dela Cruz

Arrival Time/Departure Time


  1. Matthieu, 9 hours, 45 minutes/9:48
  2. Marcelo, 10:12/10:24
  3. Raffy, 12:08/12:19
  4. Jhonley, 12:13/12:25
  5. Robert, 12:42/12:45
  6. Jon, 12:43/12:45
  7. Rory, 12:44/12:51
  8. Thumbie, 12:48/12:49
  9. Kenneth, 13:12/13:23
  10. Hiroyuki, 14:02/14:12
  11. Xerxis, 14:15/14:24
  12. Romualdo, 14:16/14:24
  13. Jonathan, 14:26/14:32
  14. Earl, 14:32/14:39
  15. Romulo, 14:59/15:24
  16. Almelito, 14:59/15:32
  17. Marc, 15:00/15:25
  18. Erwhin, 15:14/15:25
  19. Patrick, 15:19/16:07
  20. Ariel, 15:26/16:07
  21. Andrew, 15:26/16:07
  22. Terence, 15:26/16:08
  23. Edmund, 16:06/17:09
  24. Amos, 16:10/17:09
  25. Elmer, 16:57/17:10
  26. Swee, 17:13/17:37
  27. Siew, 17:13/17:37
  28. Roy S., 17:14/17:37
  29. Soh, 17:16/17:39
  30. Benj, 17:30/18:07
  31. Budiman, 17:30/18:07
  32. Frederick, 17:30/18:07
  33. Chito, 17:52/18:07
  34. Alvin, 17:55/18:32
  35. Allan, 17:55/18:32
  36. Orland, 17:55/18:32
  37. Paolo, 18:00/18:18
  38. Randy, 18:02/18:35
  39. Francis, 18:02/18:35
  40. Louie, 18:37/19:16
  41. Camilo, 18:37/19:16
  42. Kevin, 18:37/19:21
  43. Juancho, 18:38/19:16
  44. Melbourne, 18:38/19:16
  45. Philip, 18:38/19:16
  46. Mac, 18:38/19:16
  47. Tiffany, 18:40/19:16
  48. Orland, 19:08/19:19
  49. Wilnar, 19:44/20:04
  50. Myla, 19:45/20:04
  51. Roy O., 19:45/20:04
  52. Jonathan, 19:56/20:09
  53. David, 20:19 DNF
  54. Jinkee, 20:19/20:39
  55. Chinky, 20:19 DNF
  56. Bong, 20:19 DNF
  57. Harold, 20:21/20:39
  58. Jose Mari, 20:32/20:40






(2013 FL100 Course Record Joel Bengtay, 15:57:10)


  1. Matthieu Rabiller(France), 13:35:10 OVERALL CHAMPION/COURSE RECORD
  2. Marcelo Bautista, 15:34:18(broke 2013 Course Record) 1st Runner-up
  3. Raffy Gabotero, 17:10:10, 2nd Runner-up
  4. Robert Watson (Australia), 17:14:05
  5. Jhonley Ballesteros, 17:48:42
  6. Thumbie Remigio, 17:58:22
  7. Jon Las Bruce, 18:39:10
  8. Kenneth Lim Kooi Hong(Singapore), 18:57:40
  9. Hiroyuki Matsuda(Japan), 19:55:50
  10. Rory Ko(Malaysia), 19:56:07
  11. Xerxis Tan, 20:03:02
  12. Earl Warren Navor, 21:25:15
  13. Jonathan Colao, 21:26:41
  14. Romualdo Calbes, 21:28:15
  15. Marc Conrad Molina, 21:30:52
  16. Erwhin Balingit, 21:49:50
  17. Patrick Aquino, 22:29:20
  18. Almelito Casas, 23:04:18
  19. Romulo Doctolero, 23:04:18
  20. Ariel Aquino, 23:48:22
  21. Andrew Aquino, 23:48:28
  22. Terence Chen(Singapore), 24:38:20
  23. Edmund Cura, 25:27:45
  24. Amos Adalim, 25:28:10
  25. Swee Kiah Khor(Malaysia), 25:28:36
  26. Siew Shen Leong(Malaysia), 25:40:00 Women’s Champion
  27. Soh Chon Huei(Malaysia), 25:40:02
  28. Paolo Osmeña Jacinto, 25:54:03
  29. Elmer Parazo, 26:19:38
  30. Orland Beltran, 26:55:55
  31. Kevin Jeff Jauod, 26:56:04
  32. Roy Salingay, 26:57:22
  33. Budiman Kamaruzzaman(Malaysia),  26:57:44
  34. Chito Carreon, 26:58:01
  35. Frederick Tupaz, 27:00:05
  36. Benj Termulo, 27:07:52
  37. Allan Ordaniel, 27:07:53
  38. Alvin Remo, 27:29:10
  39. Michael Dauz, 27:53:20
  40. Myla Go, 27:55:35 Women’s 2nd Runner-up
  41. Wilnar Iglesia, 27:55:35
  42. Roy Ochavo, 27:55:35
  43. Tiffany Ng(Singapore), 27:58:00 Women’s 3rd Runner-up
  44. Randy Racho, 28:10:02
  45. Francis Rojas, 28:14:49
  46. Juancho Padua, 28:29:44
  47. Camilo Kagaoan, Jr., 28:30:40
  48. Philip Sanchez, 28:33:48
  49. Mac Adversalo, 28:36:32
  50. Louie Espiritu, 28:36:33
  51. Melbourne Pastor, 28:36:34
  52. Jonathan Moleta, 28:38:05
  53. Jinkee Guerrero , 28:43:29
  54. Harold Lorete, 28:42:30
  55. Jose Mari Molejon, 29:18:46


OFFICIAL RESULTS: 4th Coast to Coast 65K Ultramarathon

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4th Coast to Coast 65K Ultramarathon

10:00 PM May 10- 10:00 AM May 11, 2014

Cebu City-Toledo City

Cutoff Time: 12:00:00




Congratulations and thank you to all the participants.

Thank you to SMART Communications, Province of Cebu, City of Toledo, Ms. Grace Ruperto, Ms. Lulu Valiente, Ms. Cora Quiamco, Ms. Nora Rosete and Ms. Josephine Mejala  for the help and support.

Starters 93/Finishers 78

  1. Hernan Cuanico, 6:50:01 OVERALL CHAMPION
  2. Philip Maloloy-on, 6:59:12 FIRST RUNNER UP
  3. Jack Neil Labajo, 7:29:12 SECOND RUNNER UP
  4. Daks Dejoras, 7:42:26
  5. Mark Ocampo, 8:02:22
  6. Alberto Abais, 8:05:16
  7. Francis Brent Costillas, 8:11:16
  8. John Paul Blanco, 8:18:02
  9. Wenceslao Almene, 8:21:02
  10. Preciosa Sanchez, 8:23:36 FEMALE CHAMPION
  11. Edwin Joseph Silagan, 8:44:42
  12. Noel Pantonial, 8:50:36
  13. Mary Luz Shimizu, 9:08:40 FEMALE FIRST RUNNER UP
  14. Richard Quimque, 9:10:25
  15. Marly Busa, 9:11:15 FEMALE SECOND RUNNER UP
  16. Charlie De Ocampo, 9:19:37
  17. Ranel Torreon, 9:26:08
  18. Alex Dalusong, 9:29:34
  19. Jercen Cena, 9:43:37
  20. Orven Delima, 9:43:49
  21. Adones Baterna, 9:44:40
  22. Ernie Echavez, 9:45:36
  23. Mark Modesto, 9:50:07
  24. Rosalie Ardiente, 9:51:34
  25. Rosel Naranjo, 9:56:04
  26. Nathaniel Majan, 9:58:41
  27. Ryan Kintanilla, 10:03:34
  28. Radek Rejorka, 10:08:10
  29. Nestor Guardiario, 10:15:01
  30. Jose Diane Pinote, 10:17:26
  31. Edna Gerali, 10:23:13
  32. Ian Sanchez, 10:30:02
  33. Erwin Rossel 10:34:30
  34. Tito Pierre Capangpangan, 10:35:58
  35. Romil Garces, 10:36:13
  36. Joemar Sericon, 10:36:14
  37. Arlen Pepito, 10:36:15
  38. Francis Rosos, 10:36:16
  39. Bennet Silario, 10:46:06
  40. Emmylou Tapulado, 10:48:10
  41. Jay Joseph Gatchalian, 10:50:03
  42. Ed Sherwin Llanes, 10:57:07
  43. Guilbert Sedentario, 11:04:17
  44. Henrey Aquino, 11:13:16
  45. Pengot Abella, 11:14:14
  46. Jose Frichie Bontilao 11:14:18
  47. Eljert Altomia, 11:20:14
  48. James Guardiario, 11:20:15
  49. Angelito Lupango, 11:23:14
  50. Manuelito Lirazan, 11:24:53
  51. Marvin Saburnido, 11:32:15
  52. Elmer Po, 11:32:16
  53. Ernesto Fabre, 11:36:29
  54. Merney Jane Calumba, 11:36:49
  55. Bryan Taguran 11:39:29
  56. Dins DOmingo, 11:41:10
  57. John Carlo Climaco, 11:44:30
  58. Jessica Arevalo, 11:44:31
  59. George Ila, 11:45:10
  60. Bejay Abecia, 11:51:32
  61. Chris Lloyd Lumapas, 11:51:33
  62. Marc Povadora, 11:51:34
  63. Lucky Lim, 11:53:11
  64. Melanio Cataraja, 11:59:28
  65. Jenny Salinas, 11:59:29
  66. Sherwin Mirafuentes, 11:59:52
  67. Glenn Tibus, 11:59:53
  68. Joel Lagarnia, 12:10:44*
  69. Larry Tejero, 12:10:46
  70. Oliver Tuburan 12:10:47
  71. Jorf Pancho, 12:11:45
  72. Frederick Angalot, 12:18:46
  73. Regie Rodulfo, 12:20:06
  74. Jondee Valencia, 12:20:07
  75. Mark Buenconsejo, 13:11:10
  76. Rose Buenconsejo, 13:11:11
  77. Kenvi Suan, 13:36:00
  78. Enrique Tapere, Jr. 13:36:00

OFFICIAL RESULTS: FaRT 4 – Spider 21K Trail Run

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FaRT 4 – Spider 21K Trail Run

April 13, 2014

Cabuyao, Tuba, Benguet

Cutoff Times: 3:30:00 10K, 7:00:00 21K

Congratulations to all the finishers! Thank you for your hardcore support as always.

Thank you to all the volunteers led by Nick Pasiken, Robert Watson, Mark Villafuerte, Tom and Gay Baniwas, James and Al Tellias, Joel Bengtay, Dino Mantilez, Larry Estoesta, Marcelo Bautista and Ms. Che Alberto for facilitating the registration.

Thank you to Izzy Esteron(Run Izzy RFID TIMING SYSTEM) for the RFID timing, our first! 10250838_10152354387954837_409034754_n

FaRT4 120

FaRT4 065

10171742_10152180402737928_323810187719360847_n   10003542_10152180400262928_1789057967900873313_n 10006563_10152180399782928_3711462894516365319_n





  1. Sandi Menchi Abahan, 1:47:34, 3:11:25, Overall Champion
  2. George Killo, 1:56:56, 3:25:26, Men’s Champion
  3. Joe Wacangan, 2:04:04, 3:54:44, Men’s 1st Runner-up
  4. Jasper Garcia, 2:05:45, 3:59:01, Men’s 2nd Runner-up
  5. Maurine Gaspar, 2:21:42, 4:10:43, Women’s 1st Runner-up
  6. Carlo Gonzalez, 2:16:52, 4:16:33
  7. Johanness Pascua 2:16:51, 4:31:02
  8. Vladimir Hernandez, 2:29:24, 4:40:34
  9. Jeoffrey Pagaduan, 2:17:52, 4:44:01
  10. Oliver Alcido, 2:37:49, 4:48:53
  11. Roxanne Maquinto, 2:37:28, 4:51:00, Women’s 2nd Runner-up
  12. Ryan Jucutan, 2:39:03. 4:52:11
  13. Nino Murao, 2:34:52, 4:56:26
  14. Brian Guleng, 2:34:48, 5:03:06
  15. Jazz Paringit, 2:35:24, 5:03:54
  16. Ralph De Guzman, 2:40:35, 5:11:36
  17. Jorell Paringit, 2:56:51, 5:15:58
  18. Joe Sal-ey, 2:50:45, 5:20:04
  19. Katrina Luspian, 2:51:03, 5:36:08
  20. Jovencio Luspian, 2:51:04, 5;36:09
  21. Myla Go, 3:11:37, 5:47:45
  22. Wilnar Iglesia, 3:11:36, 5:47:46
  23. Roy Ochavo, 3:12:10, 5:47:47
  24. Karla Rarick, 3:06:36, 5:48:00
  25. James Rarick, 2:59:32, 5:50:38
  26. Jean-Michel Pedroso, 2:58:55, 5:51:08
  27. Paolo Cenizal, 3:11:02, 6:01:38
  28. Kim Octubre, 3:08:49, 6:03:22

30 Starters/28 Finishers=93% Success Rate

OFFICIAL RESULTS: 3rd Mount Ugo Trail Marathon

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4:00 AM- 2:00 PM, March 30, 2014

Kayapa, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

Lowest Elevation: 1121 meters above sea level(3363 feet)

Highest Elevation: 2170 meters above sea level(6510 feet)

Total Elevation Gain: 5955 feet

TECHNICAL DATA courtesy of Ronnel Go





Congratulations to all the finishers and thank you to all the participants for your hardcore support!

Thank you to Gatorade and Pepsi-Cola for the beverages and Universal Robina Corporation for Refresh Purified Drinking Water and Red Dragon Energy Drink, Messrs. Ed Yonzon, Januarius Padilla, Brian Addams Guleng, and Ms.Sharen Bonayon.

Thank you to the Local Government Units of Kayapa and Itogon, Benguet, and the Nueva Vizcaya Tourism Office.


21 Kilometers, Cutoff 5:00:00 Hours

  1. Marcelo Bautista, 1 hour 55 minutes 23 seconds, OVERALL CHAMPION/NEW COURSE RECORD
  4. Al Tellias, 2:00:39
  5. Michael Pagnas, 2:26:37
  6. Mark Jakeson Jade Gauuan, 2:38:38
  7. Lua Angela Limbo, 2:38:40, WOMEN’S CHAMPION
  8. Mary Gold Dela Cruz, 2:41:56, WOMEN’S FIRST RUNNER UP
  9. Ryan Cortez, 2:43:40
  10. Romeo Alcantara, Jr., 2:45:26
  11. Ishyl Pagnas, 2:46:10, WOMEN’S SECOND RUNNER UP
  12. Janele Ong, 2:53:29
  13. Bunny Casiraya, 2:53:53
  14. Donna Mauting, 3:04:26
  15. Nick Pasiken, 3:08:26
  16. Alex Tumbaga, 3:09:30
  17. Manuel Torralba, 3:11:49
  18. Marie Joyce Negapatan, 3:12:05
  19. BJ Agonoy, 3:14:47
  20. Ellany Anlap, 3:15:57
  21. Marvin Sison, 3:23:45
  22. Louie Salvador, 3:24:50
  23. Rhoda Sison, 3:25:51
  24. Satur Eugenio, 3:27:11
  25. Kristine Joy Cerame, 3:35:31
  26. James Lim, 3:37:40
  27. Jefferson Jay Sensano, 3:37:50
  28. Ray Abenojar, 3:43:27
  29. Gegie Santos, 3:55:50
  30. Chicklet Flores, 3:57:34
  31. Joyce Carreon, 4:02:47
  32. Jake Pescador, 4:04:46
  33. Ness Manila, 4:15:50
  34. Vivian Toledo, 4:28:54
  35. Ronald Robles, 4:32:05
  36. Jimmy Gabriel 4:33:37
  37. Richard Toledo, 4:36:51
  38. Marlea Dulnuan, 4:38:59
  39. Jo Leo Gambito, 4:39:00
  40. Jannine Barrientos, 4:43:30
  41. Arlene Calidtaran, 4:43:31
  42. Grace Ruperto, 5:20:54



42 Kilometers, Cutoff 10:00:00 Hours

  1. Dino Mantilez, 4:47:10, OVERALL CHAMPION
  2. James Tellias, 4:47:37, FIRST RUNNER UP
  3. Mark Villafuerte, 4:54:32, SECOND RUNNER UP
  4. Larry Estoesta, 5:06:01
  5. Sandi Menchi Abahan, 5:29:41, WOMEN’S CHAMPION/NEW WOMEN’S COURSE RECORD
  6. Robert Watson, 5:35:40
  7. Alain Vincent, 6:26:05
  8. Allan Gregor Bulos, 6:29:59
  9. Earl Warren Navor, 6:38:51
  10. Jeff Poblete, 6:41:58
  11. Jake Manzano, 6:45:24
  12. Dennis Lopez, 6:50:40
  13. Noel Fabros, 6:50:41
  14. Darwin Pagayon, 6:59:49
  15. Mon Iti, 7:17:53
  16. Victor Callos, 7:19:12
  17. Ronnel Go, 7:20:16
  18. Mark Lambino, 7:20:49
  19. Jojo Dela Cruz, 7:22:10
  20. Camelo Balugo, 7:23:16
  21. Marc Conrad Molina, 7:25:45
  22. Bauding Meldwyn, 7:35:53
  23. Rastom Tictic, 7:35:56
  24. Rupert Ong, 7:36:47
  25. Klaus Gimeno, 7:40:44
  26. Wilfredo Astadan, 7:46:59
  27. Rashel Peña, 7:53:38, WOMEN’S FIRST RUNNER UP
  28. Glenn Mercado, 7:59:37
  29. Oriel Vista, 8:01:03
  30. Roselle Duldulao, 8:01:39, WOMEN’S SECOND RUNNER UP
  31. Michael Francis Guanlao, 8:01:47
  32. Jomari Waayan, 8:09:49
  33. Naval Vizconde, 8:09:50
  34. Arman Garcia, 8:19:32
  35. Marween Gonzales, 8:22:48
  36. Voltron Visda, 8:24:34
  37. Kian Llanda,8:27:57
  38. Rizzalyn Damaso, 8:29:45
  39. Romar Flores, 8:30:40
  40. Eric Aguilar, 8:38:45
  41. Leo Año, 8:39:23
  42. Dianne Palogan, 8:42:10
  43. Roxanne Maquinto, 8:49:29
  44. James Roldan 8:50:16
  45. Christopher Estacio, 8:53:20
  46. Jonard Gamboa, 8:54:01
  47. Nathaniel Navarro, 8:54:55
  48. Manny Ocampo, 8:54:56
  49. Ted Famaliga, 8:55:07
  50. Jazz Paringit, 8:56:16
  51. Jorell Paringit, 8:56:17
  52. Oliver Alcido, 8:57:48
  53. Dom Principe, 9:01:50
  54. Steven Valenzuela, 9:10:15
  55. Khris Caleon, 9:10:30
  56. Tin Ferrera, 9:11:48
  57. Karlene Sebastian, 9:22:45
  58. CJ Escandor, 9:22:46
  59. George Ged-ang, Jr., 9:24:37
  60. Jan Padilla, 9:44:29
  61. Knell Villena, 9:50:08
  62. Sammy Revita, 9:55:37
  63. Cecilio Besares, 10:02:17
  64. JC Campomanes, 10:13:10
  65. Ma. Theresa Villanueva, 10:14:21
  66. Enrique Sulat, 10:14:22
  67. Jericho De Jesus. 10:40:00
  68. Kendrick Agustin, 10:44:33
  69. Johanna Padua, 10:44:34
  70. Glenn Tibus, 11:08:25
  71. Christ Ivyn Tababa, 11:59:40

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