2014 hardcore hundred miles ultramarathon-cebu

(picture by raffy gabotero, 2012 H1-Cebu finisher)

Date: JANUARY 31-FEBRUARY 1, 2014

Start/Finish: Don Celestino Martinez, Sr. Cultural and Sports Complex, Bogo City

Start: 12:01 AM, JANUARY 31, 2014 (Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day-Special Non-working Holiday)

Finish: 6:01 AM, February 1, 2014

Cutoff  Time 1: 80 Kilometers (Celestino Martinez Sports Complex/Fifteen hours. Runners not able to make it in 15:00:00 hours / 3:01 PM JANUARY 31 will be declared DID NOT FINISH and will NO longer be allowed to continue)

Cutoff  Time 2: 112 Kilometers (Borbon Municipal Hall)/ Twenty hours. Runners not able to make it in 20:00:00 hours / 8:01 PM JANUARY 31 will be declared DID NOT FINISH and will NO longer be allowed to continue). Registered pacers are allowed from this point on.

Cutoff  Time 3: 160 Kilometers /  Thirty hours (30:00:00 hours) / 6:01 AM, FEBRUARY 1 after which the race shall be declared officially closed and all runners still on the course will declared DID NOT FINISH

Pre-race briefing: Don Celestino Martinez, Sr. Cultural and Sports Complex, 4:00 PM, JANUARY 30(Registered pacers are encouraged to join)

Race Route: Bogo-Bogo via Kawit-Medellin-Daanbantayan-Maya-Talisay-Daanbantayan-Curva-Bogo-Tabogon-Borbon-Sogod-Bogo (via Central Nautical Highway (“EMEE”)

For photos of the route, please click on the link;


For 2012 results and time splits, please click on this link;


Registration Fee

*Three Thousand Five Thousand Pesos (3,500.00)

  • Pre-race: Pre-race snacks/drinks and bib numbers(runner and pacer)
  • OFFICIAL FINISHERS ONLY-those who finish in 30:00:00 hours or less will receive the Commemorative FINISHER’S BUCKLE, MEDAL and SHIRT, Post-race meal/drinks
Registration Period: January 1, 2013 – January 27, 2014
Registration procedure:
  1. Deposit through Bank of the Philippine Islands: Constante C Mendoza Jr. 2379-0362-39
  2. Print name on deposit slip and include shirt size and preferred bib number. ONLY one pacer is allowed. Pacer’s name must be included. Changes in pacer’s name are allowed until briefing only.
  3. Scan deposit slip
  4. Email to frontrunnermag@gmail.com (SUBJECT: HARDCORE HUNDRED-CEBU)
  5. Upon receipt of your email, the organizer will acknowledge the same and send an email to confirm acceptance
  6. NO refunds or transfer will be allowed once registration is acknowledged
  7. Registration and waiver will be distributed/signed at the briefing

ENTRY REQUIREMENT: Participant MUST have finished at least one 100-kilometer race(trail or road) within the official cutoff time and whose results can be verified through the internet. Multi-sport finishes regardless of distance covered are NOT acceptable.


  1. Race bibs and pre-race items will be given at the briefing
  2. Breakfast will be provided for at the close of the race (6:01 AM January 19, 2014) ONLY for registered participants and pacers
  3. THIS IS A SEMI SELF-SUPPORTING RACE. All runners have the option for crew support or carry their own provisions for the duration of the race
  4. There will be THREE time checkpoints/food  and hydration stations at ~ Kilometers 80(drop bag/drink/food station), 112(drop bag station) and 160(drink/food station) respectively.  Drop bags will be allowed at the said points where runners can have access to their personal things. 
  5. Pacers will be allowed (Only one per runner and only the registered pacer is allowed to do the pacing) from Kilometer 112 (Borbon Municipal Hall) onwards or starting at 5:00 PM, JANUARY 31, 2014 whichever comes first. At no point before this distance or designated time are pacers allowed
  6. All runners must have the mandatory gear such as headlamps/reflectorized vest that must be worn at the appropriate times
  7. Runners are encouraged to stay on the left side of the road, that is, facing the traffic whenever safe and applicable
  8. It is the the responsibility of the runners to be familiar with the race route and to look after the safety and welfare of their support crew, if any
  9. The event title speaks for itself
  10. The Race Director may, at any time, modify the race rules and/or course with the welfare of the runners as the utmost consideration
  11. Additional details will be posted as necessary

For inquiries, please call or text the following numbers; 0917 803 0664 / 0999 998 7654 / 0922 822 9342


-Old Goat Trail Races

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