Run Batanes! 50 Kilometers / 21 Kilometers / 5 Kilometers

Basco, Batanes, Philippines

Date: 5:00 AM May 4, 2013

Start: Kilometer 0, Batanes Provincial Capitol

Finish(21k/5k): Kilometer 0Batanes Provincial Capitol

Finish(50k): Naidi Hill Lighthouse, Basco, Batanes

Course Description: Roads and trails (tagged as inner roads) around Batan Island, counterclockwise

*For preliminary route map, please check this (taken from ferdz decena’s site, thank you!)

Registration Fees: 2000php for 50 kilometers and 1200php for 21 kilometers (Commemorative event shirt, medal, race snacks and drinks and post race meal).

CAMERA IS A MANDATORY EQUIPMENT. Plus  hydration bag or bottles and extra food. Runners are allowed to hire any form of support vehicle and buy supplies in any store along the route.

Registration procedure:

  1. You may pay your registration fee by depositing to: Constante C Mendoza Jr BPI 2379 0362 39
  2. Write your name, choice distance and shirt size on the deposit slip and email to with the subject: RUN BATANES
  3. Upon receipt, you will get a confirmation of your registration through email

For inquiries, please call 843-2487 and 0917-803-0664 or email to with the subject: RUN BATANES

Servicing airlines: 

  3. (via tuguearao-discounted bus fee from manila-tuguegarao)

Race Details: 

  1. Race starts at Kilometer 0 post in front of the Batanes Provincial Capitol at 5:00 AM on May 4 ,2013. 
  2. Snacks and water will be served on a roving vehicle every 10 kilometers or so(AS1-Vayang Grill, AS2-Song song Ruins, AS3-Racuh a Payaman, AS 4-Boulder Beach).
  3. 21-K runners will make a turnaround at the vicinity of Vayang Grill along the coast while 5-k runners will turn around in the vicinity of the Chavarian basketball court and proceed back to the Provinci9al Capiol-Km 0 marker.
  4. Following a counterclockwise route, runners will proceed and take the National Road to the towns of Mahatao(Km6), Ivana(Km 14) and Uyugan(Km 18.5). This segment is mostly along the coast facing South China Sea and on concrete and rolling roads. Runners have the option of passing through the interior or take the diversion road of each town. Whichever is chosen will take runners back on the main route. I suggest you try the interior roads which will show you the Batanes charm.
  5. Runners will then proceed to the Racuh a Payaman Communal Pastureland(Km 29, 682 feet ASL) which is more popularly known as the Marlboro Country. This is where cows and goats chew on green grass and one can see Mount Iraya(1009 MASL), Basco and other landmarks while standing on top of a cliff. You will also see the hedgerows which delineate the properties of locals. On this alone, Batanes was recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The path to here is a mix of concrete and dirt roads. I suggest runners take their pictures here.
  6. It will be downhill and running along ridges all the way to Tukon where runners will see both the Pacific Ocean and South China Sea. Plus more landmarks such as the wind turbines(Km 35 and 656 feet ASL). PAGASA Weather Station(Km 37.6) and Fundacion Pacita(Km 38).
  7. Runners make a right turn upon reaching the Barangay San Joaquin marker at Km 41 and proceed to the Boulder Beach (Km42) where they make a U-turn all the way to the airport. Upon reaching Contracosta Street which is marked by the Kayvaluganan Barangay Hall(painted in blue), runners must turn right towards the National Road and proceed to Kilometer 0.
  8.  After passing by the Provincial Capitol-Km 0/Sto. Domingo Church, runners then ascend towards the Vayang Rolling Hills where the rain collector is situated and make a U-turn towards the finish line at the Naidi Hill lighthouse.
  9. Intersections will be marked by ribbons.
  10. Runners must always stay on the safe side(facing the traffic) whenever applicable as some roads are tight and the route is marked by many blind curves.
  11. Feel free to check-in at any place in Basco. Rates start at 300 php per head(Ivatan Lodge) and is within walking distance to the start.

For your guidance, pictures of the route and other landmarks can be seen in this link;

9 Responses to “Run Batanes! 50 Kilometers / 21 Kilometers / 5 Kilometers”

  1. sir jonel, what is the cut-off time for the 50 miles?

  2. wow! this is it.. any estimate cost sir jonel? (air fare, other transpo, accommodation, etc..)

    • jonel c mendoza Says:

      for airfare, please check the respective websites of the airlines. as for accommodation, as low as 200php per person on home stay. will post room rates for inns once i check them out personally. no other transpo needed unless you will want to visit other islands. thank you.

  3. i will save this date and i will join this race.

  4. *final ultra distance may vary after my final recon

    hmm…any possibility to round it up to a 100km😀

    • jonel c mendoza Says:

      if only the roads and trails will be enough. we will see. i want everyone to be strong enough the following day for them to go around the islands.

  5. this is getting really exciting! will wait for more updates sir!

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