Official Results: FaRT 1/Tough Ten-The Fastest Recorded Time Series

Tough Ten(10 kilometers)

December 8, 2013

Start: Kennon Road View Deck/Finish: Relay Station, Mount Cabuyao, Tuba, Benguet

FaRT 1 A

FaRT 1 Starting Line

Congratulations to the tough 25 pioneer participants of FaRT 1 of The Fastest Recorded Time Series-Tough Ten!

Savor your conquest for you now know why this one was called tough. I hope you enjoyed what we prepared for you and that you will embrace and look at trail running in a new light.

Thank you for your hardcore support and to my buddies who helped me clean, mark, marshal and sweep the route, Nick Pasiken And Robert Watson. My gratitude goes to Ms. Che Alberto for helping facilitate the registration and to the Municipality of Tuba, Barangays Poblacion, Camp 6 and 7.

One Big FaRT, cheers!

  1. Dino Mantilez, 1:37:05/Course Record/Biggest FaRT
  2. Joel Bengtay, 1:47:02
  3. Jet Ramos, 1:48:58
  4. Meldwyn Bauding, 1:52:57
  5. Joven Luspian, 2:05:57
  6. Melvin Benzon, 2:10:09
  7. Anna Liza Maraan, 2:12:58/Female Champion/Course Record
  8. Joeffrey Pagaduan, 2:19:32
  9. Carlo Gonzalez, 2:30:09
  10. Oliver Alcido, 2:30:51
  11. Gay Baniwas, 2:33:08, F
  12. Benedick Duria, 2:36:23
  13. Tom Langaoan, 2:37:00
  14. Phoebe Langaoan, 2:37:41, F
  15. Lyza Jardin, 2:37:41, F
  16. Joel Bungay, 2:38:31
  17. Carlo Calpito, 2:38:31
  18. Lou Ramos, 2:47:57, F
  19. Marween Corpuz, 2:52:30, F
  20. Charles Gangaey, 2:59:58
  21. Angela Chamos, 3:01:26, F
  22. Brian Guleng, 3:01:27
  23. Michelle Cho, 3:04:50, F
  24. Kathleen Langaoan, 3:04:50, F
  25. Lizette Lapuz, 3:51:07, F

Until the next FaRT, 2013 RADAR RUN-Five Miles, December 30. Start:Marcos Highway corner Sto. Tomas Road/Finish:Relay Station, Mount Cabuyao, Tuba, Benguet

One Response to “Official Results: FaRT 1/Tough Ten-The Fastest Recorded Time Series”

  1. Big big FART CHEERS to all the participants. Kampaii!!!

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