OFFICIAL RESULTS: 2014 Ocho Ocho 220. The Dirty Dozen.

2014 Ocho Ocho 220

5:00 AM June 13-5:00 AM June 15, 2014

Baguio City-La Union-Baguio City






First of all, let me congratulate the twelve pioneers who took the challenge of this event. I fondly call them, The Dirty Dozen and I only have the highest respects for the lady and eleven gentlemen ultrarunners.



No one in the country’s running history has done the dreaded route known in the cycling tour circles as “Ocho Ocho”, always dubbed as the killer lap of an annual premier summer cycling event, where the one who would come out on top eventually won as the champion at the event’s conclusion. 10390498_10201120695498006_342001033456604437_n It was not only the  sheer distance and elevation profile that posed as a challenge but also the weather conditions where driving rains pervaded for most of the duration of the activity and both the humidity in the lowlands and cold weather at the mountainous sections that affected them. This is not to mention the vehicular activity in the area and in some sections, the inevitable task of passing on gravel portions.


The route took the twelve from the Summer Capital to the lowlands of La Union via Marcos Highway then up the city through Naguilian Road for the first loop of about 119 kilometers which they had to do in twenty four hours or better. They had to pass through three mandatory time checkpoints in Agoo, Bauang and Baguio. That was for the first day alone. Nine made it within the cutoff but only eight decided to give the remaining century distance a go.




10366142_10152268216283978_3830897664119077158_n 10372546_10152268211873978_7818429084501584622_n 10373975_10152268220453978_7540800702780146907_n 10380960_10152268213748978_4875333918333732967_n 10441371_10152268211063978_8254678607007192079_n 10473401_10152268217653978_1121085616097254480_n


10440262_10152293443809442_3855334721733840643_n agoo by maelah mc The second loop, took the remaining survivors(most started in the dark by then) back to Marcos Highway to Agoo for another mandatory check-in and to historic Kennon Road for the last stretch to the City of Pines, all inside twenty fours or less. The second day was just like the first day in terms of weather and by this time, the remaining eight were clearly feeling the effects of lack of sleep, tiredness among many other things. 10462707_10152498342144837_6256597098139922657_n 10463012_10152498402254837_4398006492591506387_n 1477901_10152498624349837_195994109089056780_n When the smoke cleared, seven made it within the forty eight-hour limit. They made it to Philippine running history books by clearing two hundred twenty kilometers and change on foot alone.


The results only tell half the story, the rest is for the dirty dozen to tell themselves, my salute to you all!


I wish to thank the volunteers who unselfishly shared their time to help out in ways more than one; Nixon Pasiken, Tom and Gay Baniwas, Mark Villafuerte, James and Al Tellias, Brian Addams Guleng, Larry Estoesta, Joel Bengtay, Evelyn Oaing and Ms. Che Alberto.


I also extend my gratitude to the City of Baguio through the City Administrator, Attorney Carlos Canilao, for allowing us the use of the City Hall as staging area and to the Province of La Union through Governor Manuel Ortega.


Hereunder are the numbers of the game. The pictures above are courtesy of the volunteers, partipants and crew.


TIME SPLITS 1: The first landing at the flatlands of La Union. Pugo/Tubao Junction, Marcos Highway(Start of the “pancake” section), Km 34

  1. Wilnar Iglesia 2:27:44
  2. Marcelo Bautista 2:49:48
  3. Robert Watson 3:22:41
  4. Yim Heng Fatt 3:40:23
  5. Carlo Gonzalez 3:49:47
  6. Bryan Kho 3:58:47
  7. Michael Dauz 4:01:36
  8. 8. Benedict J Meneses 4:05:48
  9. Paolo Osmeña 4:10:26
  10. Kelly Lim 4:24:49
  11. Marlon Zarate 4:25:05
  12. Jonathan Moleta 4:47:48

TIME SPLITS 2: First mandatory check-in point. Agila ng Agoo, Marcos Highway/MacArthur Highway, Km 49

  1. Wilnar Iglesia 3:41:58
  2. Marcelo Bautista 4:55:58
  3. Robert Watson 4:58:55
  4. Yim Heng Fatt 5:35:52
  5. Carlo Gonzalez 5:53:36
  6. Michael Dauz 6:19:21
  7. Paolo Osmeña 6:21:30
  8. Bryan Kho 6:34:00
  9. Benedict J Meneses 6:36:53
  10. Kelly Lim 6:41:10
  11. Marlon Zarate 7:07:17
  12. Jonathan Moleta 7:17:25

TIME SPLITS 3: Second mandatory check-in point. Bauang, La Union, Km 72

  1. Wilnar Iglesia 6:06:40
  2. Robert Watson 8:52:47
  3. Marcelo Bautista 8:58:27
  4. Yim Heng Fatt 9:04:30
  5. Carlo Gonzalez 9:56:16
  6. Michael Dauz 10:21:12
  7. Paolo Osmeña 10:34:45
  8. Benedict J Meneses 10:36:35
  9. Jonathan Moleta 10:50:30
  10. Kelly Lim 10:55:14
  11. Marlon Zarate 11:26:31
  12. Bryan Kho 12:33:05

TIME SPLITS 4: Third mandatory check-in and first cutoff point. Baguio City Hall, Km 119/24:00:00 (Time In/Out)

  1. Wilnar Iglesia 13:30:00/13:35:00
  2. Robert Watson 18:30:06/21:18:06
  3. Yim Heng Fatt 18:55:49/20:50:00
  4. Benedict J Meneses 21:08:40/22:44:00
  5. Carlo Gonzalez 21:47:30/23:39:00
  6. Michael Dauz 21:47:30/23:12:20
  7. Marlon Zarate 22:20:30/22:20:31
  8. Kelly Lim 22:26:00/NA
  9. Jonathan Moleta 22:28:50/23:51:32

TIME SPLITS 5: Fourth mandatory check-in. Agoo Eagle Station, Km 168

  1. Wilnar Iglesia 24 hours, 52 minutes
  2. Yim Heng Fatt 29:45
  3. Robert Watson 30:47
  4. Benedict Meneses 33:25
  5. Michael Dauz 34:06
  6. Carlo Gonzalez 34:06
  7. Jonathan Moleta 34:12
  8. Marlon Zarate 35:24

FINAL RESULTS: Baguio City Hall, Km 220/48:00:00

  1. Wilnar Iglesia 43 hours, 02 minutes, 23 seconds
  2. Robert Watson 44:18:38
  3. Carlo Gonzalez 45:28:10
  4. Benedict Meneses 47:30:32
  5. Marlon Zarate 47:38:28
  6. Michael Dauz 47:47:05
  7. Jonathan Moleta 47:57:25













P.S. The Race Director is off to the much-needed extension of this. Thank you everyone for following the updates on facebook. Until the next double century. 10402584_10152503113239837_5017038269892786459_n


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